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2024 TWiST Annual Conference| Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Well Being

2024 TWiST Annual Conference was held on March 9 in National Cheng Kung University Taiwan. The theme of this conference was "Diversity, Inclusion and Well Being".

The conference invited leaders from academiac fields and industries to share their experiences in promoting gender equality and cultivating women leaders, as well as building inclusive and mutually beneficial environments. In President Tsai Ing-Wen's video, her excellence expressed gratitude to the Society of Taiwanese Women in Science and Technology (TWiST) for inspiring young women participating the technology fields. President Tsai anticipated more outstanding female tech talents showing their impact across various sectors. Their performances are expected to promote Taiwan's international competitiveness and help build a more diverse future in Taiwan.

Another highlight of the conference was the "Science Camp for kids" which was organized by the Science Education Center of National Cheng Kung University. This camp provided various scientific activities for the participants' children who had the chance to experiencing the fun of science as their parents do.

This conference was supervised by the National Science and Technology Council. At the same time, this conference was co-hosed TWiST, the Chinese Institute of Engineers, the Taiwan Photonics Society and the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). More than 50 domestic organizations from engineering and technology communities, scientific communities, women in tech groups and industry associations as well as international organizations. The hosts expressed their gratitude to sponsors, including the TSMC Foundation, Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd, MediaTek Inc., L'Oreal Group, Foxconn Education Foundation, and Corning Taiwan.


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