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2024.5.30 "Gender Equality in the Workplace" Workshop

The workshop of "Gender Equality in the Workplace" was held at the New Engineering Building of Tamkang University on May 30, 2024.

This workshop was led by Dr. Su-Ling Fan, the director of CLC (Tamkang University Construction Law Research and Development Centre), and co-organized by the TWiST (Taiwan Women in Science and Technology), CLC (Tamkang University Construction Law Research and Development Centre), and the Department of Civil Engineering at Tamkang University. In the workshop, lawyer Shih, who is familiar with labor law, raised issues related to gender equality in the workplace, covering the current labor shortages and gender imbalances in the job market. He also introduced the various aspects of the Gender Equality in Employment Act in detail, helping students understand the current situation of genders in the workplace and inspiring them to reflect on the issue of gender equality.

Lawyer Shih emphasized that the Gender Equality in Employment Act is an important legal basis for protecting gender equality in the workplace. The act includes key items such as prohibiting gender discrimination, safeguarding women's rights and interests in the workplace, and promoting equal pay for equal work. Through the introduction of these legal provisions, students would be better understand the legal protection of gender equality.

The Taiwan Women in Tech Association has been dedicated to promoting exchange, cooperation and experience sharing among female tech professionals, who are a minority in the tech industry. The association hopes to create a diverse, equal and inclusive environment for female tech workers to showcase their delicacy, resilience and innovation.


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