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TWiST's Chemistry Camp for High School Girls

The three-day "Popular Science Activity: Chemistry Camp for High School Girls at Taipei First Girls High School" has successfully concluded on June 14th.

The camp featured daily challenge courses designed by teacher Fang-Fei Chou, Professor Lu Chia-Jung from National Taiwan Normal University, Professor Chang Shu-Mei from National Taipei University of Technology, and other teachers. Over 250 students actively participated in and selected courses such as "Phenolphthalein Kinetics Course", "The Ferrous Sandwich-Ferrocene Experiment Course" and "Adaptive Learning Wide Game Course". Prior to the event, teachers also trained senior students and chemistry students from National Taiwan Normal University to serve as teaching assistants for the experiments. The students' active participation and willingness to ask questions resulted in a fruitful experience for everyone.

TWiST has been organizing student camps over the years to promote STEM courses and cultivate young talents. Encouraging and nurturing female participation in the STEM field has always been our goal, providing students with the opportunity to learn about and engage in STEM, with the hope that they will shine in the STEM industry in the future.

All of the photos courtesy of Teacher Fang-Fei Chou, the First Girls High School


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