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|Our Missions

  • To Become a model society for gender equality in the world.

  • To create an environment where diverse talents can demonstrate their personal expertise and characteristics.

  • To create benchmarks and role models for scientist in the future. 

  • To demonstrate the diversity, inclusion, innovation and leadership qualities of female scientists in the fields of science and technology

  • To represent the society of women in science and technology as a bridge between government and enterprise.

Our Purpose 

  • To encourage and motivate girls and women to participate in STEM fields.

  • To promote women’s professional status in STEM fields.

  • To strengthen the connection among women in STEM through networking.

  • To build international networks for women in STEM fields.

Our Main Activities

  • Annual general meeting of members

  • International Network (INWES/ APNN)

  • Regional network and communication

  • Monthly e-press of sharing the story from women in science and technology

  • STEM courses for college and high school girls

  • Mentor-Mentee Program for members as well as friends of members

  • TWiST Grants for young female scientists

  • Collaboration and communication with government agencies and Enterprise

  • Seminars, Forums, Publications, Interviews, Articles about the women in science and technology

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